17 dating 14 year old pieksämäki

17 dating 14 year old pieksämäki

It's only natural that some of them will develop mutual crushes and want to go steady. So I started touching her breast, inside her shirt, touching skin, like, I reached up her shirt, and under the bra and pulled them outta the bra, y'know held them in my hand and was like "damn, these nice". Anyway, time goes by and I went in for a kiss, it was only a lip touch at first, Then I was like 'that was wack and she was like "what? There is also a risk of disease. Seventeen-year-olds and fourteen-year-olds may attend school together or be thrown together socially outside school. So, her mother comes and picks her and her cousins up, and she goes up there and talks to her mother a bit and I heard her say "hol on, let me get my stuff so I start lookin around, like, uhh wat stuff, lol. And when I was feeling her breast like 2 days ago, it was after everyone was gone, it was only me, her, and her cousins(who know she likes me) in the office, and I was supposed to close. And when you think about it, when she turns 15, I'll be 17 for a few more months, then 18, then as we get older, for example, I'll be like 25, she'd be 22, no problem. What are you guys take on this, thanx for reading the thread, with such a length.

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But I think the problem is the thing of maturity, like a 15 year old going with a 12 year old sounds nasty. Some jurisdictions have what are called romeo and juliet laws. At your age, you cannot legally consent to sex and so it would be statutory rape. Where I grew up (Southern California this is widely considered normal and acceptable. While for an adult in their 20s, a 3-year age difference is not very much, there is a substantial difference between a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old. 17 dating 14 year old pieksämäki 17 dating 14 year old pieksämäki

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